Live at the Garage (2023)

Live at the Garage was recorded in a live session at The Garage in Camp Verde, AZ. The album features old-time ballads and original tunes.

Three Years' Time (2023)

Three Years' Time is Charlie's 4th live-studio album. A homespun, home produced record - Three Years' Time centers on the themes of dedicating ourselves to a dream, an idea, a vision. Featuring original tunes and traditionals on guitar and banjo, Three Years' Time captures both the raw energy of Charlie's live performances, and the earnest message he brings to the stage with him.

Album artwork by Charlie Marks, Recorded by Charlie Marks, Produced by Jenna Northum, Mixed and Mastered by Max Harms

Grace (2022)


Grace is Charlie’s 3rd live-studio album, featuring traditional and original banjo and guitar tunes. Mason Winfree wrote for Americana Highways that this album “ exemplifies an artist carrying the past forward and demonstrates how the narrative contained within is still relevant today”. The album was recorded with the fine folks at Loud as Folk in Reno, NV. Album artwork is by Jenna Northum and Sam Katz.

Unbecoming (2020)


Released in the summer of 2021, Unbecoming is a collection of original folk tunes that have been compared to the works of Woody Guthrie, Townes Van Zandt, and Tallest Man on Earth. Stripped down, this album features Marks, a guitar, and a harmonica performing songs just as they would live.

Unbecoming is an album about the pain of self-discovery and leaving the past behind. The album was intended to put a name to the feelings of needing to “unbecome” - sometimes in order to grow we must shed our idea of ourselves to build ourselves anew. These songs look back at the lowest of low moments with love and optimism.

The album is out now on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and other services!

Honey Baby (2019)

Honey Baby

Released in the summer of 2020, Honey Baby is Charlie’s debut album. Armed with just a banjo and their voice, Honey Baby features a wide-range of traditional and folk tunes. Inspired by the music of folk greats such as Elizabeth Cotton, Mississippi John Hurt, Taj Mahal, and Dave Von Ronk and of newer folk faces such as Willie Watson and Meredith Moon, Honey Baby introduced a sound that is at once new and old.

As described in one review, Honey Baby “has no shortage of fine, down-home Americana” - a live album, the music is driven by percussive clawhammer banjo and “acceptably nasal” vocals. The album features original arrangements of folk classics like “Shady Grove” and “Spike Driver Blues”, among many others!

Album design by Jenna Northum